WTI crude oil futures settle at $63.05


Up $1.87 or +3.06%

The price of WTI crude oil futures are settling at $63.05. That is up $1.87 or 3.07%

The high price today extended up to $64.09 while the low fell to $61.13.

The geopolitical tension in the Middle East was a catalyst for the run to the upside. However there was some selling off the high levels.

Up $1.87 or _+3.06%

On the move higher, the price was able to extend above the September high price of $63.38 and also a another swing hi from May 2019 at $63.81.  Those breaks could not be sustained in the prices settling below those levels.  

For the week, the price closed last Friday at $61.72. The close this week at $63.05 represents a 2.15% gain for the week.

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