US stocks close at the highs and nearly erase the declines from yesterday


S&P index is the biggest gain since October 2008

The US stocks were encouraged by the actions proposed by Pres. Trump. That, and short covering, into the weekend led to a huge run higher.  The gains nearly erased the declines from yesterday.

The final numbers are showing:

  • S&P is up 230.38 points or 9.29% at 2711.02. Yesterday the index fell -9.51%
  • Nasdaq is up 673.07 or 9.35% at 7874.87. Yesterday the index fell -9.43%
  • Dow is up 1985.00 points or 9.36% at 23185.67. Yesterday, the index fell -9.99%
The changes of the major stock indices

For the week, the major indices recovered a lot of the gains, but still ended with sharp declines

  • S&P index fell -8.79%
  • NASDAQ index fell -8.17%
  • Dow fell -10.36%
stocks over the last week

YTD for the major indices are showing:

  • S&P index -16.09%
  • NASDAQ index -12.23%
  • Dow industrial average – -18.76%


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