Trading Shares Online: A Step by Step Guide To Profits


The complete course in Online Investing in user-friendly steps with the help of a leading expert.

What you’ll learn

  • Stand over the shoulder of an award-winning share picker
  • Trade and invest online in shares and funds with confidence and skill
  • Totally understand how to pick winning shares
  • Know the best online websites for researching winning shares
  • Spot the key difference between a winning and losing investment strategy
  • Choose the right online broker to suit their needs
  • Comfortably, confidently navigate the handful of essential websites to invest online profitably
  • Spend the least time online, to get the most from their investments and free up their research time
  • Screen for the best stocks in seconds
  • Invest online in US, UK, European and Emerging Markets with less risk and more return


  • None, the course comes with all materials you need


The Internet Trading Course is based on years of real trading experience from one of the most renowned names in the investment world.

From the basics – such as how online trading works – through to stock picking techniques and managing risk, this course  is an enlightening start for novices entering the trading arena and for more experienced hands who often neglect sophisticated yet essential techniques such as money management.

Its accessible, user-friendly format and fun and crisp manner make it an enjoyable as well as essential tutorial in the art of Internet trading. The Course not only educates you in the strategies that will lead to your success but also provides the tools to carry them out with confidence and ease.

The course includes lots of documents and live trading examples and videos to show how to use online tools. It’s like having an online trading expert over your shoulder. It really is that intimate.

Learn fast – through lots of small videos you can learn quicker and so get on with investing and making money. 

Who this course is for

  • If you’ve never traded or invested online before
  • If you’ve dipped your toe but never quite felt confident
  • If you’ve not had the level of profits from trading online you know you could and should have
  • If you’re looking for a supplemental income