The Option – Bramesh’s Technical Analysis


A rich man’s wallet fell in the market. He came to know about this after reaching home. Apart from the necessary papers, there were several thousand rupees in the wallet. Immediately he went to the temple and started praying that on getting the wallet, I would offer prasad, give food to the poor etc.

Incidentally, the wallet was found by an unemployed youth. The name of its owner was written on the wallet. So the young man reached Seth’s house and gave the wallet to him. Seth immediately opened the wallet and saw. It had all the papers and money in it.

Seth was pleased and praised the honesty of the young man and wanted to give him some money as a reward, which the young man refused to take. To this Seth said, “Well, come again tomorrow.”

When the young man came the next day, Seth took great care of him. The young man left. After the young man left, Seth was very pleased with his cleverness that he wanted to give hundred rupees to that young man. But the young man left without taking anything and only after eating and drinking.

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On the other hand, all these had no effect in the mind of the young man, because there was no longing in his mind and there was no other option but to return the wallet.

Seth forgot that he had also given some promises in the temple after getting the purse.

Goods worth thousands were given without taking anything. Sethani said, you are thinking the opposite. The young man was honest. He had no choice but to return your wallet. He returned the wallet without opening it. If he wanted, he would have kept everything with himself. What do you do?

God tested both. He passed, you failed. Opportunity itself came to you, you returned it out of greed. Now correct your mistake and go find it.

He has the capital of honesty, which you do not have. hire him.

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Seth immediately set out with his employees in search of that young man. A few days later, the young man was found working with another Seth.

Seth praised the young man very much and narrated the incident of wallet, then that Seth told, that day he had picked up the wallet in front of me.

Then I went after it with my guard. Saw it going to your house. Standing at your door, I saw and heard everything. And then impressed by its honesty, kept it as an accountant.

To be honest, I am completely sure. Seth with the wallet returned empty handed. Earlier he had many options, he delayed in making a decision, he lost a trustworthy character. The young man had the moral strength to stick to his principles. He never exercised the option of opening the wallet. The young man got the prize of honesty. Secondly, Seth had the ability to make decisions. He found an enthusiastic, capable and honest bookkeeper.

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Things that have alternatives are delayed. It is not wrong to consider alternatives. But it is wrong to keep considering alternatives. We get caught in the cycle of ‘this or that’.

A sage has said – It becomes difficult to achieve the goal by taking too long to reach the decision by getting entangled in the options.

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