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BTC vs BSV – our own Kurt Wuckert Jr was involved in a debate, along with Peter McCormack, Shinobi, and Connor!

You can watch the BTC vs BSV debate below.

Some key takeaways and topics from the video:

– What is bitcoin?

– Is the definition of a “node” defined by the white paper or by the community?

– Does Satoshi matter? He left 8 years ago.

– Does Craig Wright matter?

– If bitcoin takes the power away from money, but people have the power to change bitcoin, don’t those tyrants have the power over money?

– Is it a communist idea to want everyone to be able to run a full node?

– Is bitcoin a software tool designed to implement money? Or is it an all-encompassing economics system implemented in code?

– Are second layer solutions just a theory that tries to explain away the fact that big blocks do actually scale?

– Do big blocks break bitcoin?

– Connor really likes to reference the white paper!

– Peter McCormack apologizes to Kurt and says he hates how much he actually likes him now.

Regarding the last point, the two have made up and plan on seeing a Chicago Blackhawks Game the next time that McCormack is in town!   

Should we make that into a meet and greet?  Let us know on our Facebook page!  Let us know who won! BTC vs BSV.

For a complete and more analytical breakdown, click here for a full analysis, done by the very talented Matthew Zietzke

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