Support Areas for Russell 2000


Short Term Elliott Wave View suggests the rally from September 25 low in Russell 2000 (RTY) is unfolding as a 5 waves impulse Elliott Wave structure. In the 1 hour chart below, we can see wave 3 of this impulsive rally ended at 2032.3. Wave 4 pullback is in progress with the internal subdivision as a double three Elliott Wave structure. Down from wave 3 high at 2032.3, wave (a) ended at 1993.2, wave (b) pullback ended at 2006.70, and wave (c) ended at 1946.60. This completed wave ((w)) in higher degree as a zigzag.

Up from there, wave ((x)) bounce ended at 1997.60 as another double three Elliott Wave structure in lesser degree. Wave (w) ended at 1987.4, pullback in wave (x) ended at 1958, and wave (y) ended at 1997.60. This completed wave ((x)) in higher degree. Wave ((y)) lower is currently in progress as a zigzag where wave (a) ended at 1920.5. Expect wave (b) bounce to fail below wave ((x)) high at 1997.60 and Index to turn lower 1 more time in wave (c) of ((y)) towards 1857.31 – 1911.16. This last move lower should end wave 4 in higher degree. From there, Index should resume to new high or bounce in 3 waves at least.

RTY 1 Hour Elliott Wave Chart

Russell Elliott Wave chart

Russell 2000 (RTY) Elliott Wave Video


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