RRMine Attended the World Digital Mining Summit 2019, Presented Its Unique Hashpower Assetization Controls Market Risk


RRMine Global CEO-Tsou Yung-Cheng was invited to attend and deliver a speech as a distinguished guest in World Digital Mining Summit 2019.

On October 9, 2019, World Digital Mining Summit (2019) was held in Frankfurt, Germany, hosted by BITMAIN. RRMine Global CEO-Tsou Yung-Cheng was invited to attend and deliver a speech as a distinguished guest.

WDMS (World Digital Mining Summit)

WDMS is the largest digital mining event of the year. A two-day mining summit that focuses on delivering the latest industry insights, high-class networking, and knowledge exchange on cryptocurrency mining.

WDMS brought together the world’s most influencer in mining industry, including Jihan Wu, Co-founder of BITMAIN, Stefan Rust, CEO of Bitcoin.com. Participants covered top miner manufacturers, experienced miners, mining farm owners, mining pools, energy suppliers, OTC traders, institutional investors, turnkey solution providers, blockchain organizations, fin-tech companies, and so on.

RRMine: Anti-Risk Cloud Mining Contract

RRMine is a global hashpower asset management platform owned by SuperB Grace limited, providing cloud hashpower time-sharing service of bitcoin mining for customers around the world. Its hashpower Assetization wins highly recognized by WDMS. And makes RRMine stand out from other crowded cloud mining platforms.

RRMine provides high-quality and stable mining services with advanced hashpower cloudization allocation technologies, free purchasing & transfer of mining contracts, large-scale operation, etc. which empowers users to manage their assets easily and promotes the liquidity of hashpower asset. Therefore, RRMine realized the free trading of cloud hashpower.

Company:  Hong Kong Superb Grace

Contact:  Richard Meng

Email: [email protected]

City:  Hainan

Country:  China

Web:  www.rrmine.com

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