Indian Stock Market and Mutual Funds


Learn to Invest and Earn.

  • Learn all the fundamental, technical and futures option.
  • Learn the basics of bear market strategies.
  • Recognize and use different types of trading charts.

This course is all about stock market basic of India.

Requirements:  The course student should have a minimum window XP operating system. Anyone can take this course there no education limit or age limit.

Mindset: The mindset of the student should be to learn the fundamental and technical of the stock market also the student learn the future and option which is an important part of any stock market. By taking this class the student can know how the stock market work and also learn when where and why should invest.

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This course is useful for student, employees, any types of investor, businessman etc. This course is not specified for any specific student this course is for all how to want to know and learn the stock market and make money This course has 10 chapters and it takes about 1.5  hours to complete.

Who this course is for:
  • Any who want to invest.