Forex Day Trading Strategy


Learn how to make Day Trading on Forex. Morning Forex analysis, Currency movement, Buy & Sell Signals determination.

What you’ll learn

  • Get the trading skills on Forex market
  • Learn how to work on Forex market within a day
  • Learn how to analyse market before making day trading
  • Mechanism how to make day trading
  • How to gain profit from day trading


  • Need to know Forex basic information
  • Have at leas 1 month trading practice on Forex market
  • Need to have basic trading skills


This course is for every person who trade Forex and would like to trade on Forex market.

In this course I show my day trading skills, following only two currency pairs: EURUSD and GBPUSD.

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In my trading I show:

  • how to catch market movements
  • where to open trading positions,
  • how to hold positions for catching profit
  • where to close profit or losses
  • how to determinate points for stop-losses or stop-profit
  • the way how to get out of losses
  • and so on…

You are able to see that making profit on Forex is possible, and who wants to start earning on Forex, this course can give a good push into Forex trading. Watching the course you will understand that you are able to do same trading, using same trading method as I do.

You can count how much time I spend on daily trading, how many days I trade per week, what revenue possible to make, etc.

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This is a good proof that you can trade only Forex and it can be your main job, and bring you as many revenue as you need for your life.

If you are ready to start trading Forex, and you think that you have enough knowledge about any Financial Market, but your trading doesn’t bring you what you expect, this course is for you, as I show how to make correct trading.

Who this course is for

  • Students who learn Forex
  • Students who want to trade on Forex market
  • Students who just start Forex and want to learn trading quickly