Financing for Forex Traders


How and where to obtain the capital you need to trade as a professional while working anywhere.

What you’ll learn

  • How to get funded by financial institutions for your forex trading.


  • Just the ability to get knowledge of all the tools included in the course


This new November 2019 course release is ideal to start the new year, gift as a Xmas present to a loved one or take a new direction in life.

This course takes you into the finding of a research that I did when I was winning competitions. As I was winning real money, it came to my mind that perhaps there were institutions out there that could be interested in my trading results. After extensive research, I made a list of all funding institutions that I could talk to. The ones that I shortlisted are listed below to save you a bit of research. I joined a few to get a good funding portfolio and a diversity of strategies deployed over this portfolio. If you need some trading strategies, have a look at my other courses and books.

Who this course is for

  • Families, students, doctors, airline pilots, academics, scientists, professional traders and bankers have shown an interest in trading