Equities dip back down, but still higher on the day.


Losing some of the gains.

The Washington state news on deaths up to 6, seems to have taken some of the wind out of the bullish sails. 

Prices are still up on the day, but have given up some of their gains over the last few minutes of trading.

  • S&P index up 41 points or 1.39% at 2995.08. The high price reached 3040.48. The low price extended down to 2945.19
  • NASDAQ index is trading up 104 points or 1.2% at 8670.  It’s high price reached 8816.29. The low extended to 8543.35
  • Dow is trading up 458 points or 1.88% at 25875. It’s high reached 26253.06. It’s low extended to 25391.96.

Looking at the percentage high and lows for the major indices, the current price is trading near the middle of the range.

Losing some of the gains.


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