Elliott Wave View: Impulsive Rally in IBEX


Elliott Wave view in IBEX suggests the decline to 6552.17 ended wave (1). Wave (2) rally is currently in progress as a zigzag Elliott Wave structure to correct the decline from June 8, 2020 high. Up from wave (1) at 6552.17, wave ((i)) ended at 6797.60 and pullback in wave ((ii)) ended at 6639.80. Index then resumed higher in wave ((iii)) which subdivided into another impulse in lesser degree. Wave (i) of ((iii)) ended at 6800.40 and wave (ii) of ((iii)) ended at 6649. Wave (iii) of ((iii)) ended at 6975.40, wave (iv) of ((iii)) ended at 6887.70, and another leg higher should end wave (v) of ((iii)).

Index should then pullback in wave ((iv)) before making another push higher in wave ((v)). The 5 waves move should complete wave A in higher degree. Afterwards, expect the Index to pullback in wave B in 3, 7, or 11 swing to correct the 5 waves rally from September 25 low before Index turns higher again in wave C. As far as dips continue to stay above September 25 low (6552.17), expect further upside in the Index. We do not like shorting IBEX in the near term.

IBEX 60 Minutes Elliott Wave Chart

IBEX Elliott Wave Oct 9

IBEX Elliott Wave Video


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