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BrexitThe Pound Sterling continues to be under sell pressure for the second consecutive day and is close to a 10-day trough. According to the EU’s chief negotiator, they are still waiting for proposals from the British government that would provide a legal and operational framework for the Brexit. Uncertainty is increasing as to the way forward, which has impacted sentiment for Pound traders. Analysts say that there is no consensus in the British Parliament, that Boris Johnson continues to assert there will be a Brexit even without an agreement, and that an election seems inevitable.

The GBP/USD is still lower at $1.2319, down 0.2664% at 11;21 am in London. The session high is at $1.23815 while the trough is at $1.23024. The EUR/GBP is up 0.1671% and trading at 0.8872 Pence, off the session peak of 0.88868 Pence.

Focus on US News

Market attention will turn to the US later today when 2nd quarter growth numbers are due to be released. On an annualized basis, GDP is expected to remain flat at 2%, Market players will also be focusing on the expected release of the Whistleblower report which alleges misdeeds by the US President. News of formal impeachment investigations has also shifted sentiment for the greenback, as uncertainty builds on the lack of clarity from President Trump in regard to his trade plans. The EUR/USD is lower at $1.0931, down 0.095%.

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