Bitcoin catches a late-Friday bid as the wild ride continues


Bitcoin up $1600 today

A week like this has to make Bitcoin traders wish they had a weekend to catch their breaths.

That doesn’t look like it will be the case as Bitcoin jumped $350 in the past 30 minutes to $12,270.

It made the parabolic move to $13900 on Wedneday, crashed down to 10330 yesterday but has now jumped nearly 20% from the low.

Bitcoin up $1600 today

June CME Bitcoin futures expired earlier today but the volume had already moved over to the July contract so I don’t see the roll as a real factor.

Craig Wright is in court today trying to prove that he’s Satoshi but lost his early-Bitcoin addresses. In theory you could argue that’s bullish but no one believes he’s Satoshi and everyone already assumed those accounts were lost.


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