Best Gold Trading Signals and Providers


Gold is an incredibly popular market. It is a relatively stable asset for investment. The market has seen some big moves over the years. We shared a list of Best Gold Stocks for our readers previously.

A few techniques that prove helpful in trading gold are

Relative Strength Index – RSI has been explained in detail here at Relative Strength Index – Basic and RSI Strategies. RSI gives investors the confidence to invest.  A value above 70% means the market is pretty heated and below 30% means the sell-off of gold has gone too far and is expected to stop. The only issue with RSI is that in a highly trending market RSI can put you out of position too early or make you enter the position too early. Another key use of RSI is to determine whether a cycle is complete because a 5 waves impulse cycle needs to end with momentum (RSI) divergence and a corrective cycle needs to end without momentum (RSI) divergence). One of the companies we researched use this technique with perfection to determine if a cycle is over or not and hence allows trades to maximize their profits and also keeps them from entering too early.

Moving Averages – Moving averages work well in trending markets. It is one of the simplest technical indicators to look out for. If the price of gold falls below the moving average, then it’s a signal for sale. Similarly, if the price of gold falls above the moving average it is a buy signal.

Moving average convergence divergence (MACD) – MACD is based on 2 trend lines. One trend line is the difference between the 26-period exponential moving average (EMA) from the 12-period EMA. The second line is a nine-day moving average of the MACD line. The crossover between these 2 lines gives buy and sell signals.

Swing Sequence: Impulsive sequence runs in 5,9,13, 17 and so on and corrective sequence runs in 3,7,11 and so on. Understanding and properly counting the swing sequence can result in good trading opportunities.

  1. Elliot Wave Forecast
  2. Signal Skyline
  3. Gold Signals
  4. HuracanFX – Gold Group
  5. AltSignals
  6. Gold Trading Signals – By Marcus
  7. MYC Forex & Commodities Signals
  8. Gold FXCC

Elliott Wave Forecast is one of the largest technical analysis firms in the world. Based on its recommendations and customer reviews, Elliot Wave Forecast has now become a renowned name in the financial market. Their team of more than 10 analysts is dedicated to providing comprehensive forecasting with forex and trading educational courses to its members.

Elliot Wave Forecast takes pride in its disciplined methodology. Their right-side system along with blue boxes is one of the key components of its trading signals and the secret behind their long-term success with its members. The team of analysts can guide the members and subscribers to position themselves for proper entry and exit in the markets. Moreover, their customer support and 24-hour availability to its members make this firm the best gold trading signal provider.

Their typical Gold trading signal follows the logic below:

  • Identify the trend, also known as Right Side.
  • Use Green Right-Side tag for buying and Red-Right side tag for selling.
  • Well defined entry and stop loss levels. Entering the trade at 100% extension with stop above or below 161.8% extension.
  • Blue box area is a high probability and low risk entry area and about 80% of the times will produce a reaction in 3 waves at least which allows trades to eliminate risk on the trade
  • Signals include Entry, Stop and take profit target.
  • Trade management once trade is filled.

Below is an example of blue box chart in Gold which resulted in a trading signal and was presented with Entry, Stop and Take profit target to members.

Gold 240- minute chart from June 4, 2021

A move into blue box was expected before rally resumed.

Gold 240- minute chart from June 4, 2021

 Gold 240-minute chart from Jue 14, 2021

Price reached the blue box as expected and rallied $70 in the next 10 days resulting in nice profits and allowing traders to eliminate risk on the trade.

Gold 240-minute chart from Jue 14, 2021

Elliot Wave Forecasts offers a lot of content and analysis for free to its subscribers. Their team of analysts is regularly reviewing Stocks, Commodities, best ETFs to buy, Forex, Bonds, Crypto-currencies to invest and sharing their valuable forecasts with its subscribers. Get started with your Free 14-day Trial. For detailed analysis, trade setups, technical videos their membership packages start from $99.99/month to $399.99/month. If one needs subscription only for Gold, Silver, Copper and Oil along with Forex majors, some majors Indices and US 10-year note, then subscription prices range from $99.99/month to $199.99/month.

Elliot Wave Forecast provides expert advice and opinion to its members and has emerged as one of the best forecasting websites. Their frequency of charts and detailed analysis makes Elliot Wave Forecast unique in the market, hence one of the most preferable Gold Trade Indicators and trusted by 10,000+ successful traders.

2. Signal Skyline

Signal Skyline profits from its subscriber’s investments. They have a personal approach towards the investment of each of their subscribers. Hence their team always goes out of its way to assist its members to help them make the most profitable choices. They have an easy policy to start trading with them:

  • Sign up
  • Receive Signal
  • Take profit

They provide daily signals and forecasts which are easy to comprehend for every member.

Signal Skyline offers great plans at a great price. Their plan prices start from $49/month to $757/month. They even offer a trial 7-day plan for $7. This is a great offer for investors who have doubts about their service and can buy the trial plan and get gold trading signals.

Signal Skyline offers great service at a very convenient price. Their simple approach towards customers gives them an advantage over their competitors in the market.

3. Gold Signals

Gold Signals is one of the renowned names in gold trading signals who are famous for their Safe Point Analysis. This approach towards Gold Trade Analysis helps them identify the most accurate BUY/SELL Limit Orders for spot gold trading. Their Limit orders enable traders to take quick action and save time on reading and analyzing charts. Gold Signals reflect complete transparency in their signals. They publish their trade signals publicly (after some time)

The team of Gold Signals is operating in the Gold Trade for a very long time. They have a history that reflects their amazing performance: they were trading in the gold market during the bull market in 2012 and the bear market in 2013.

They follow the below criteria in their gold trade signals:

  • It should follow the correct gold trend
  • It has a clear price entry. And a target with a good risk and reward ratio
  • It has a well-defined price stop level and time stop level

Gold Signals paid packages start from $149/month to $349/month. The team provides extensive support to its members and treat each member as a VIP. Investors with beginner’s level knowledge about Gold Trading are given extra attention and more support. Signals are regularly sent via SMS and Email. Gold Signals has created a name for itself through its service in the market amongst the best Gold Trading Signal Providers.

4. HuracanFX – Gold Group

HuracanFX – Gold Group is a telegram group, which predominately offers gold signals. They have a good reputation for offering free gold signals also which enables investors to judge the feasibility of buying their paid packages. HuracanFX displays its trade setups to its members. This helps the members understand the foundation of the signal provided.

Their yearly package offers the below features at $44

  • Learn how to preserve your capital
  • NO Overtrading
  • Account set up advice ( account type for best results )
  • Trade alongside institutional price movements
  • Flexible payment plans
  • ONE TIME Fee to last your 12 Months

HuracanFX is a group where subscribers get regular trading signals. It is surely a reliable Gold Trade Signal Provider with a lot of free content for its member. This is a notable service of HuracanFX due to which it stands out amongst other Gold Signal Indicators.

5. AltSignals

Alt Signals is one of the most popular Telegram Gold Signal Indicators. They not only provide trading signals but are also known for guiding novice traders to polish their trading skills. Alt Signals are known for their in-depth analysis and preference of quality over quantity. All their signals are backed by research and the expert opinion of their team. Their team of traders is strategic specialists who offer personal help and assistance to members who require management tactics for their investment portfolios.

At $280/month, Alt Signals provide the following features in its plan:

  • Daily Signals
  • 1000 pips every month
  • Breakout Trades
  • HQ Signals
  • No PUMPS
  • No overtrading

In addition to the above features, members get access to

  • Swing and Breakout Signals
  • Trusted Signal Provider
  • Cornix Configuration Tutorial

Alt Signals have been appreciated by its members because of its excellent customer support. Their up-to-date information and up-to-date technology are the reason members of this Gold Trading signal group are satisfied.

6. Gold Trading Signals – By Marcus

Gold Trading Signals is a telegram group that is most popularly known for keeping its members regularly updated to world economic conditions which have a direct impact on gold prices. Moreover, their frequency of sharing trade setups is high, which makes it popular amongst traders. A higher number of trade setups enable traders/investors to gain a better understanding of how gold prices shift and when to make a profitable trade.

7. MYC Forex & Commodities Signals

MYC Forex & Commodities Signals provide profitable gold signals along with forex signals. The main focus of MYC is to help its members generate consistent and sustainable returns. Hence, members of MYC can trust the team with their predictions which can earn them good profits. MYC shares market and technical analysis report daily. This helps traders better understand the trades and predictions of the analysts. Also, this helps traders earn better knowledge of the market

They have a free channel for all subscribers. Members can join this group to judge the quality of their signals and services before actually investing in their premium plan. Their paid plans start from $90/ month to $750 for a lifetime membership. Their premium customers get 24/7 customer service. And by this, they mean 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, irrespective of the time zones the traders belong to. The team assures all the queries of members are promptly responded

8. Gold FXCC

Gold FXCC is a global network that has been helping investors gain better knowledge of the trading in the forex and commodities market. They are a real-time telegram group that provides Gold Trading Signals to its members. They take pride in enabling their members to learn the skill set that can change the way they trade. Gold FXCC also provides one of the best trading experiences to its members.

Gold FXCC provides a full in-depth analysis of all trades along with every technique their analysts use to spot trends, identify opportunities and key areas in the market. They operate in 14 plus countries.

Their paid plans start from $49/month to $300 for one year. Their paid members also get access to 24/7 customer support.


Using Gold Trading Signal Providers is a smart approach for traders. This enables them to get access to detailed reports, in-depth analysis, and get regular updates of the Gold Market. However, it is very important for you as a trader to select the signal provider that is the right one for you. This list of “Best Gold Trading Signals and Providers” has been carefully selected after scrutinizing their quality of signals, trading strategy, their research and analysis, their customer service, the frequency of signals, risk and money management guidance and value for money. We recommend all our readers to do their research and comparison before investing their money in the Best Gold Trading Signal provider.

The list of providers were researched by Shayan who is an experienced freelance researcher on Financial Markets.. All products listed were reviewed based on the aforementioned criteria and solely based on his independent views and opinions.

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