AUDUSD SHORT on Order Flow


Strong Bearish Signal:
The price showed an abrupt sink supported by the large volume and broke through the previous support level . Moreover, the large negative delta implies that there is a huge sales imbalance.
Volume Zones:
We have to allocate the new support level 0.7012 – 0.7020. The price is trading near this mark now.
This indicator shows that 55% retails traders are in long positions, which is a good additional signal for us (trading against the “crowd”).…
Consider Short Positions:
Given all these factors, we should ponder exceptionally short positions. We may enter the market after the keen breakdown of the support level . The move must be supported by the large volume , which will be a more precise signal for entering the market. A stop loss may be placed above the breakdown volume bar.
Profit Potential:
Around 80 pips.

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