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Trading was never simpler. The entry barrier in the trading world is so low nowadays that almost anyone can engage in trading. In Forex there are brokers that enable their clients to begin trading with less money that you would need to buy a decent cup of coffee in some parts of the world. It’s no wonder the fail rate is so high among retail traders, since the common belief is that successful trading is something anyone can do, and from day one, nonetheless. We aim at helping others find shortcuts they could use to shorten the path to success. What it can take years venturing by oneself in the overgrown jungle of misinformation and bad advice could be covered in mere months or even weeks with proper guidance. It will still take some time and considerable effort. Knowing about things and being able to apply what we know are different beasts.¬† Therefore, we cannot promise anyone will become highly profitable, how long it will take¬†or even if one will even get there. No one honest enough should ever make that kind of promise. Ultimately it’s up to everyone of us to take in what we can as fast as we can and apply that the best that we can. Learning, sharing and honing our trading skills is a never ending story. For many, trading may become a life long quest. Others may surrender after the first margin call. Even though trading is fairly simple, it is not easy, by any means. It may be the simplest hardest thing most of us will ever do.