A detailed look at the exit poll suggests that things may be worse for Labour


Barring a miracle, it is pretty much over already

UK election
The exit poll had 65 seats that were categorised as “too close to forecast”. These seats were not included in the total seats projection (which is based on the addition of probabilities, not total seats in actuality).

By scrutinising them more closely (⬆️) – especially the ones contested between the Conservatives and Labour – these are all seats mostly held by Labour with some even proving to be quite comfortable margins back in 2017.

Blythe Valley was one of those on the list and we already saw what happened earlier. I left out a few seats in the list above because they were all saying the same message and I don’t think I need to point out the obvious at this point.

The Tories have it with a more than comfortable majority unless Labour pulls off the most massive upset/comeback ever – which I just don’t see happening.

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